Rev. Debbie Malison $25 Online Event "Remote Viewing"

Have you ever dreamed you could walk through walls, fly high in the sky, and visit friends you haven't seen for years? Well, you probably can and do! In this class, we will learn about all the things our soul can do without our physical body! We will talk about the difference between Remote Viewing Astro Travel, and Lucid Dreaming, we will learn techniques and explanations for things we may have thought were unexplainable!

  • Date: 6/12/2021 01:30 PM - 6/12/2021 03:30 PM
  • Location: Online Event

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Rev. Debbie Malison is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher, and Certified Medium through the NSAC. She is also the Pastor and Secretary of First Spiritualist Church of West Allis, and a renowned

Author of” I'll Be Normal Next Year....Self-Discovery through Spiritualism."

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