Topics to be examined: *Psychic and Etheric Surgery*Spiritual Anatomy, the Aura and Subtle Energies *Spirit Operation With and Without Instruments *Methods of Medical Intuition through Seeing, Hearing and Sensing Pathological and Psychological Condition. *Unconscious Blocks and How to Overcome Them *Trance and Direct Spirit Control *Etheric Blood Transfusions and Injections *Attaining Deeper Levels of Altered States of Consciousness *Energetic Boundaries and Protection *Effective Methods for Inducing Trance.

  • Date: 3/30/2024 10:00 AM - 3/30/2024 12:00 PM
  • Location 1228 26TH AVENUE CT Milton, WA 98354 (Map)

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Explore altered states of consciousness and experience the incredible power utilized by master healers and doctors in the Spirit World to perform seeminglymiraculous healing with and without the use of instruments. We will examine thetrance state and its relationship to etheric and psychic surgery, the process ofphysical dematerialization and advanced etheric chemistry, and the methods used by healing mediums such as John of God in Brazil and the Filipino psychic surgeons to develop their amazing healing gifts. Stephen has extensive experience teaching mediumistic healing in the Philippines and many countries worldwide. Learn how to attune to higher spiritual levels and channel higher frequencies of healing energies. Expand your healing abilities with proven methods of deepening the trance state and functioning as a vehicle for spirit healers to work through. Utilize advanced and unconventional approaches to administering healing treatments as well as intuitive discernment of subtle energy systems. If you are interested in expanding your healing abilities, this dynamic and exciting workshop is not to be missed. If possible, participants should bring a portable massage table as well as an artist sketch pad and crayons. This workshop is suitable for participants at all levels of experience.